The watering down of American Girl

A new American Girl Doll store opened this week in Columbus.  My childhood dream come true.  We visited the new store last weekend before the grand opening, and while some of the magic was still there, it was sad to see what American Girl has become.  A small corner of the store is devoted to the historical dolls I loved as a child, and the rest of the store has been overtaken by the narcissistic and boring “looks like me” dolls (full disclosure-I had one of those dolls as well, so I get the appeal.  But, she was more boring than my historic dolls, just like me.)  Apparently old school American Girl Doll lovers everywhere feel this way:

“American Girls aren’t radical anymore” from The Atlantic

“Even more terrible things are happening to the American Girl Doll brand than you thought” from The Washington Post

And, just a bonus, “What your American Girl Doll says about you” 

I was a Kirsten, by the way, but I was spoiled lucky enough to have a mom who loved the dolls and books as much as I did, so I have all the original dolls up to Addy.

Which doll did you have/want/love the most?


Swing State Mania

Pat and I have had the unique experience of living in one of the most important swing states for both the 2008 and 2012 Presidential elections.  In the lead-up to the election, I wouldn’t even realize that the evening news had switched from local coverage to the Nightly News because they were reporting from Ohio nearly every night.  Airport rallies, Springsteen & Jay-Z, the President on campus, and campaign ads 24/7.  
Despite a little election coverage over-saturation, we were very excited to get up and cast our ballots on Election Day.  A lot of people took advantage of early voting, but we wanted to get the whole experience and vote on Election Day.
Here I am at 6:20 am waiting on our friends to get here so we could walk to our polling place.  It was about 32 degrees outside.
Pat, bundled and waiting.

We didn’t take any pictures inside our polling place because it was crazy.  It was totally packed at 6:45 am.  It’s always important to vote, but it was a special feeling knowing how significant our state’s votes might be.
After voting we did the most American thing we could think of…we went to Bob Evans’ for a hearty American breakfast.

Our friend and fellow patriot, Matt.

When we got home, a Mitt Romney blimp was flying over our house.  This really illustrates the ridiculous lengths the campaigns went to to catch the attention of Ohio voters.

Ohio has great “I voted” stickers.  We rocked them proudly all day.