Canadian Delicacies

I have long held a love and appreciation for Tim Horton’s thanks to trips to Canada with my family growing up. We were thrilled to find out that the original Tim Horton’s was in one of the cities we were planning to visit on our trip, Hamilton, ON. We set off to find it one afternoon. The original Tim Horton’s was opened to serve a blue-collar neighborhood, and it is still that way today. When we exited the expressway, we were suddenly in a tangle of steel mills and railroad tracks. Despite the plaques outside and displays inside, this Tim Horton’s was just a regular place. We had to get a coffee and a few quick photos before we left!

Clearly Sara's dream has come true, Tim Horton's #1 Hamilton, Ontario

The pilgrimage.


The original sign above.


We ate the Port Dalhousie Tim Horton’s most mornings on our trip.  It was just steps from Lake Ontario.


We visited the Steam Whistle Brewery while we were in Toronto. The building that houses the brewery is historic. Toronto wanted to build a parking garage underground on that spot, but it was illegal to teardown the building due to its historic status. They took the building apart brick-by-brick and beam-by-beam, built the parking garage, and then rebuilt the building. There was a lot of graffiti on the building, so they built it back inside out. Pretty amazing!  The brewers later took over the building. They only brew Pilsners, so they gave us lots of samples of just one kind of beer!


Of course, we had to try poutine while we were on the eastern side of Canada. It doesn’t seem to be such “thing” on the west coast.  I was pretty skeptical of the whole thing because I’m not a huge gravy person, and I *thought* I wasn’t a cheese curd person.  That is, until our friend from Wisconsin brought us back fresh cheese curds from a trip home. They are pure, squeaky deliciousness! They remind me of rich, little string cheese nuggets.  Although the picture may not do it justice, poutine is crazy good.  The poutinerie we visited does all kinds of riffs on poutine, but we went traditional. It did not disappoint!



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