Smile. You’re in PA.

Over Spring Break we headed east to Pittsburgh for a little getaway.  We had heard Pittsburgh was a pretty cool, underrated city, so we found a hotel deal on Hotwire and headed to the Steel City.


Entering Pittsburgh you go through a mountain tunnel.


At the University of Pittsburgh, there is this giant tower, the Cathedral of Learning.  Part of the inside look like a typical classroom building, parts of it have classrooms that are replicas of classrooms around the world, and the top floors have amazing views of the city and house their Honors College offices.  The Honors College offices make you feel like you’re in an old British university.  Very fancy, Pitt!




Checking out one of the African classrooms.  Pitt holds regular classes in these rooms!




Pittsburgh is a city of many cultures because so many immigrants came to work in the city in its heyday.  We loved Little Italy, and found this giant, amazingly tasty chunk of tiramisu in a little Italian grocery.


The Duquesne Incline.  This is a cable car ride that was opened in 1877.  The red lights are the path you ride up the mountain.  It’s a great view from the top, but the ride up (and down) in the wooden car made me a little uneasy!  You know there had to be that dad on the ride that thought it was hilarious to scare his kids (and the rest of the passengers!) by shaking the car.



City view from the top!


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