Dan Emmett Festival

This weekend Pat & I headed to Mt. Vernon, Ohio to look at furniture.  Mt. Vernon is a rural town about an hour away from Columbus.  We struck out at the furniture store, but stumbled upon a great little festival!  Downtown Mt. Vernon was hosting their annual Dan Emmett Festival.  Never heard of Dan Emmett?  Neither had we!  But, it turns out that Mr. Emmett is the man that composed the Confederate hymn “Dixie” (as in “Oh I wish I was in the land of cotton…Look away, look away, look away, Dixie Land”).  Apparently he wasn’t too happy the Rebels commandeered his song.  He’s the most famous Mt. Vernon resident, so they have a festival remembering him each year.  It was all the best of rural Ohio and the weather was in the 60s.  Quite a departure from August in Mississippi!

There were banjo and fiddle competitions.  This kid was in the Under-12 Banjo division.

We didn’t know about the festival when we left Columbus, so we didn’t have any cash on us.  Pat got the sugar waffle lady to give him free waffles by telling her he was from Mississippi and had never seen sugar waffles before.  He told her she needed to bring her sugar waffle trailer down to Mardi Gras!

Old man river warming up his fiddle.

Loving the rural Ohio life.

Pat found a truck with his life’s motto on it, “Everything’s better dipped in chocolate.”
On our way home we went through the Geographical Center of Ohio.  Had to stop and capture it!


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