If you follow me on twitter (@sara_fries), then you’ve probably already seen (or been annoyed) by a couple of my recent tweets through the new app Viggle.  I first saw the app on Mallory Cornell Lacey’s blog.  She posted about a great new app that gives you points for checking into tv shows you’re already watching. 

TV is definitely my guilty pleasure, so Pat and I decided to give it a try!  Within two days, we had both earned enough points for a small Starbucks giftcard…don’t mind if I do!  We’re actually saving our points right now to try for a bigger reward.  They have gift cards, Apple products, Kindle Fires, and lots of other great rewards.  They do turn the rewards over every so often, so we’re hoping they’ll still have what we want when earn all the points we need.

If you already watch tv, especially if you watch prime-time tv, you should definitely give Viggle a try.  You get bonus points for a lot of the prime-time shows…they let you know on the app which ones they’re currently promoting. 

**I’m sure it’s obvious, seeing as how my blog is no powerhouse of readership, but I was not asked to write this as a promotion.  I just think it’s a fun app.


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