What it is.

I had a blog before, but it was mostly personal and was created in the pits of graduate school despair.  I love reading blogs, but I needed to create a blog that had more substance than just my everyday life.  Plus, since I’ve added a husband to the mix, my single girl blog didn’t really work for ‘us.’  So, here it is.  My/our new blog that will still chronicle our life, but also our favorite hobbies…cooking and eating.

My husband is a big Michael Pollan fan.  For those not familiar, although I’m sure almost everyone is these days, he’s a journalist turned food author/activist who preaches to us to eat real food not “edible foodlike substances.”  This is our goal, although he has lots of other great advice as well.

We just celebrated our first wedding anniversary, and in the past year we’ve started baking our own bread, making our own pizza dough, eating more quinoa and vegetarian based dishes, experimenting with poaching eggs (runny yolks!?! I wouldn’t have tried that a year ago!), and using lots of herbs from our tiny little potted balcony garden.  I hope to share some of our favorite recipes and kitchen adventures here.


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