Free Holiday Cards!

I am never one to pass up a promotion for something free, and I am especially excited about the opportunity to get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly! I can’t remember if I’ve ever ordered anything myself from Shutterfly (I used to use Kodak’s website, but I think it changed to either Shutterfly or Flikr), but I’ve loved using their website to see pictures shared by family and friends.

I’m exited to try their holiday cards because this will be the first year I really have a reason to send one! Something about sending a solo card, especially if you don’t even have a cute dog or niece or nephew to include in the picture, was just never appealing. I’m hoping to use my 50 free cards to send a holiday card with a photo from our wedding on it. There are so many cute Christmas cards, but I think I might be going with a New Year’s card this year, which I think is a fun idea too! If you’re a blogger, you should definitely check out this promotion and claim your 50 free cards as well!


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