Back in Action

Ok, I’m back. I haven’t posted in so long, but so much has happened! I took a blogging hiatus during the hectic, but boring events of late. In the last six months I’ve moved TWICE, lived in three different states, wrote and defended my master’s thesis, planned the majority of our wedding, and watched and encouraged Pat as he started his first post-graduate school full-time job!

I’ve been back and forth between our new home in Louisiana and my parents’ in Mississippi wedding planning and trying to get our little home settled. We live near our cute little downtown, and lots of stuff here is very walkable for us, which is fantastic. Other than that, we’ve been gardening, enjoying local festivals and Louisiana culture, and attempting a new challenge to eat vegetarian lunches everyday! We’re headed to Centennial Homecoming at Southern Miss this weekend and have lots of fun wedding showers coming up, so I should have some new pictures to come soon!


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