Ok, I’m sure that anyone who reads my blog has already heard the big news, but Pat and I are engaged!! I figured I’d use my blog to tell the story since everyone seems to want to know 🙂

My birthday was last Friday, Feb. 26th, and Pat came to town to spend it with me. He said he needed to mail some bills that afternoon, so we hopped in the car to head down to the mailbox. After we passed mailbox after mailbox, I realized we were headed downtown to COSI, an interactive science museum in Columbus that I have been dying to go to!! I know, I’m a child, but it’s fun! Plus, it’s been rated the number one science museum in the country. We went to see a movie on the 7-story Extreme Screen and spent a few hours going through the museum. It was family fun night at COSI, so they were open late and had lots of special events. One of those was a marching band from a local high school performing in the lobby on the first level, complete with twirlers. As we were leaving, they started playing Beyonce’s song “Single Ladies”…you know “if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it.” I was, of course, singing it to him, and making sure he knew he better take those lyrics seriously 🙂
We walked back out into the snow, and when we got out to the car he got on his knee in the wet snow and asked me to marry him! He had been carrying the ring around the whole time we were at COSI waiting for the right moment and hoping that I wouldn’t feel the box in his pocket! After that, we headed to the Short North, the fun and funky arts district here in Columbus because he had made us dinner reservations at Lemongrass, which was wonderful and much nicer than anything we normally get to do! After dinner we headed home and Pat had arranged for my roommate to set up a delicious cheesecake from a local cheesecake bakery (shout out to the Columbus Cheesecake Company…it was HEAVENLY) for my birthday and Zoe had gotten champaign. She bought the champaign because it was my birthday and thought that was all that the surprise was about, so I got to surprise her with our big news!
We haven’t set a date yet because we’re waiting to hear back from grad programs and jobs, but hopefully we’ll hear sooner than later!! Thanks for all the well-wishes from family and friends! We are so excited, and cannot wait to share this special time with all of you.

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  1. Too cute! I'm so excited for you! I look forward to hearing about the detail planning!PS. I hope your new program is around here somewhere. I'd love for us to grab lunch sometime!

  2. Congrats Sara!! I'm sooooo happy for you two! It's a good thing Pat didn't go with my recommendation for how to propose to you, otherwise you would have ended up at the same place Adam Richman from Man vs. Food ended up in Columbus (home of the Dagwood, if ya know what I mean!!) I'm super stoked, and I couldn't imagine a better bride to be for my best friend! You're an amazing girl, and Pat definitely lucked out with you!

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