If it’s going to be cold and snowy, we figured we should at least take advantage of it! I went sledding last weekend at a park in Columbus with Pat, Zoe, and some of our other friends from the Geography Department. That’s a picture of Pat giving Zoe and me a little push as we tried tandem sledding! I wish I had some action shots. Our other “sleds” were snow discs, which usually sent me careening down the hill backwards. Pat and some others also had fun learning to “ramp” a bump in the hill with some little kids. The kids told the boys that the jump was really intense, and they probably shouldn’t do it because it would “make their kidneys hurt.” Haha! Of course, that was basically a challenge, and all came away kidneys intact.

Alright, I better head outside and enjoy the warm weather! Our second day above freezing this year!

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