SEC Halftime

Did anyone watch the SEC Halftime Dr. Pepper Scholarship Throw event? My oldest friend, Todd, lived in Brandon, moved to Lexington, KY, and made his way back to the Deep South for college at Alabama. While at Alabama he met his lovely girlfriend, SarahBeth Hill. Tonight SarahBeth competed in the halftime football throw and SMOKED her competition! She won $123,000 to pay for med school! Congrats SarahBeth!

Here she is beating the pants off her competition:

Actually, he did really well, too. I bet he was sorry his competition was Beth instead of one of those girls from the Big 12 Championship…one girl got none in and the other got two.

Speaking of heading back to the Deep South…I get to head back on Wednesday!! Can’t wait to be on break and celebrating Christmas!

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