I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in years. Although I LOVE fall and Halloween (I would even go so far as it say it is one of my favorite holidays…I mean, who doesn’t love cute little children dressed up in adorable and hilarious costumes!), I’m not really one for dressing up myself. Give me a festive t-shirt, a bowl of candy, and a front porch, and I am a happy girl on Halloween. This year, however, we decided to mix it up for our friend Carrie’s Halloween/Birthday Bowling party. Her one request…that we all dress up as animals. So, we did:
Here I am, crafting our costumes
The finished products: A Golden Eagle & A Bumble bee…both with a “Go Gold” shirt base
From the rear
And then we went bowling like this…I really thought other people who didn’t have Halloween parties to go to might have dressed up and gone bowling, but I was wrong. We were the only people in costume there. Oh, well, it was fun anyway!

One thought on “Halloween

  1. This is AMAZING! OMG you two look so cute. I'm not really into the Halloween dress up spirit either but you can't complain with black and gold with a "go gold" base. I miss you!!!

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