You know when you fill out an application or a form and it asks for your “hobbies?” I’ve never been able to answer that question! Reading? Watching tv? Reading blogs? Do those count??

Grad school makes me REALLY anxious all the time, and I need a way to channel some energy into something else. I love to read, but if I try reading for fun, it just stresses me out because I know I should be reading for school. So, I’m looking for a hobby that I can use to get my mind off school for a little while. Any ideas?
Some things to consider:
1. It’s really cold here. I can’t do anything outside basically until I move in June. (Hear that? I’m moving in June…I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!)
2. I can do crafts, but I’m not artistic. No painting canvases or anything for this girl. I need an activity with a little structure.
3. I’m poor. I need a relatively inexpensive hobby.
4. I don’t want to just make junk.
I think I might start out with some beginner holiday cross-stitching kits. I’ve cross-stitched before and it would be fun to make some little ornaments. My mom made tons of cute ornaments, all of our stockings, our tree skirt, and some other fun holiday things when she was younger, and I’d love to make those things for my family, so maybe this can be my starting point. Any other ideas? Do any of you have any hobbies or diversions?

One thought on “Hobbies?

  1. I know what you mean. I always feel guilty about reading for fun during school. It's like someone is watching and will rat on me if they see that the material is fun, recent, and brings joy. Things to consider?Baking? That always relieves stress. However cleaning up the mess brings un-needed stress.Naps? I know… this isn't very productive but it makes me feel so incredible. Taking pictures? I bet you get some really great snow-filled shots this winter! And you could channel those yearbook years – haha.I'm out of ideas… Sad I know.

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