Our weekend with The Colonel

Louisville wasn’t kind to the Golden Eagles, but we certainly had a great time anyway! A few weeks ago Pat and I headed down to Kentucky to see Southern Miss take on the University of Louisville at Papa John’s Stadium. We’ve been planning this trip for over a year, literally. Last year when we looked at the schedule we realized that Southern Miss would be traveling to both Louisville and Marshall, so we’ve been looking forward to it since then.

We headed down to Louisville on Friday night and arrived for our stay at the Galt House Hotel. You may have seen it featured recently in Southern Living where they talked about their revolving restaurant that overlooks the river. Needless to say, the revolving restaurant was a little rich for our blood (we were able to stay at the Galt House because I got a great deal on Hotwire). Anyway, it was very nice, and located right downtown within walking distance of tons of great attractions!
We spent Friday exploring the downtown area (in the rain, I might add). We had heard great things about the 4th Street Live District, and although it was a little expensive and mostly chain bars & restaurants, it was really cool that everything is right there together in downtown. Since it was raining we decided to look for a little indoor entertainment. We headed down the the Louisville Science Center to check out an IMAX film. My only complaint with Louisville (besides a few belligerent post-game fans) was the downtown trolley system. The system itself is a great idea, but Pat and I (and an older couple 😦 ) got passed by by the trolley while standing at the stop in the rain NOT ONCE, BUT TWICE!
We also stopped by the Louisville Slugger Museum
Gameday was a blast. We wore our gold all day long and met up with Katie Anthony & Ashley Wineki, two Southern Miss & Delta Gamma friends who moved up to Kentucky for grad school. Katie and Ashley met us on Bardstown Road, which in my opinion is much cooler than 4th Street Live. It’s cute road full of little shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and bars with a more local feel. There was also a delicious pie shop which we of course had to pay a visit. We made another trip to 4th St where we ran into some really excited Southern Miss fans at the bowling alley/sports bar. These weren’t just any fans, they were parents of some of the players that travel to EVERY SINGLE GAME! WOW!
The game was close all night and there were lots of fun fans around us, so all in all it was a great night. The most amazing thing about losing to “The Ville” (which is a lame nickname btw), is that they wanted us to win. Almost every fan we passed told us they hoped that we would win so their coach would get fired. It was crazy.
With Ashley & her boyfriend at the game
The team ready for the second half. Look at the back of that head, Brittany. I told you I’d keep an eye on Troy for you.
Sunday morning we had one more stop to make before the left Louisville behind. If you watch the Food Network, you might have seen this little diner featured on “Throwdown with Bobby Flay.” This is Lynn’s Paradise Cafe. This place was packed, and we waited a good 45 minutes to get in to the kitschy little establishment. Once we were finally in, we decided we might as well go all out. We split the Bourbon-ball French Toast, which was a huge sweet mountain of deliciousness and whipped cream and the Smoked Sausage Fritatta, which came with delicious, fluffy biscuits and tasty potatoes. While I wouldn’t wait in line to eat here every weekend, it was a really fun stop and definitely worth the trip.

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