Southern Miss to the Top!

I’m am so very excited to be traveling to Louisville, KY this weekend to see the Golden Eagles play! We had a sad loss to UAB last week and have lost our starting quarterback for the rest of the season, but hopefully Southern Miss will show we’re still in it this weekend!

Pat and I were able to get tickets to an Ohio State game for the first time a couple of weeks ago. We were very excited, and had a great time, although we only made it to half time. Ohio State was blowing Illinois out, and it was POURING rain. I sat through my fair share of rainy games at Southern Miss, but NOTHING like this. It was gray when we got to the stadium, and it only got worse from there. By the 2nd quarter Pat was soaked to the bone (always well prepared, I included a poncho in my gameday supply kit đŸ™‚ If I learned anything from my parents it is to be prepared and always have an emergency poncho on hand). Even though we got soaked, the pouring rain only served to fire up the student section, and it was actually a blast! I’d love to go back again in dry weather though!
Even on a rainy day, the stadium is PACKED. That’s a lot of scarlet!
Script Ohio-It’s such a cool tradition, especially the dotting of the ‘i’. You can see the guy with the sousaphone going out to dot the i. It’s a big honor to be the i-dotter. We saw the i-dotter’s family at the USC game and they all had on matching t-shirts that said “i-dotter’s dad”, “i-dotter’s sister”, etc. So fun!
Here’s a video of The Best Damn Band in the Land doing the Script Ohio. It’s even more impressive and precise looking in person.

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