Go Bucks!

Even though grad school at The Ohio State University can be less than thrilling most of the time, being a Buckeye can really be a blast. Despite the loss to USC this weekend, we had a great time this weekend!

As most of you know, my roommate is from California, first SoCal, then NoCal, then SoCal again..haha. Although she’s not much a football fan (although she’s definitely learning!), she had two fun friends from L.A. that came in for the game to cheer for USC. One of them is an alumna of USC and worked as a trainer for the football team, so she and her husband had tickets for the game.
On Friday we went to two great local places in Columbus, Northstar Cafe & Jeni’s Ice Cream. Both of these places use lots of fresh, organic products to make delicious food and treats, and are located in the Short North, the fun, hip arts district in Columbus. Everyone I know LOVES Jeni’s, and I have to admit, I wasn’t really a believer. The ice cream flavors are unique, and on my first trip I couldn’t really find one that I like. However, I have to say, after this trip I am a convert. The flavors I had this time were two of their seasonal flavors, and they were magical! The backyard mint was so refreshing…almost too refreshing…it definitely cleared out my sinuses. The lemon with blueberries was absolutely glorious…fresh, tasty, extremely delicious. Pat also found a love for Jeni’s Dark Chocolate and Black Coffee ice creams, two of his favorite things made-over as our other favorite thing, ice cream. Zoe, a Jeni’s fanatic, stuck with her favorite stand-by gravel road (salty caramel ice cream with roasted almonds). Needless to say, a good time was had by all, and our guests got to see some of the best of Columbus.
On Saturday Pat and I got up and headed out to check out the ESPN College Gameday set. We got there just in time for the last 30 minutes of the broadcast, and found a great spot right behind the big Washington State flag. For those that don’t know, Washington State’s alumni network find an alumni to hold their school flag behind the the College Gameday set every week. After the main broadcast was over, we got to see Kirk Herbstreit’s four little boys entertain the crowd that was left with the OH-IO hand motions, and we were on tv for a minute during an update! The energy was super high around campus all day, and it was really a blast! Other highlights of the day included seeing Jim Tressell and Ohio State team walk out of the stadium in the morning (with hardly anyone else around…we really lucked out!), seeing the team leave the hotel headed back to the stadium in the afternoon, and seeing the USC Trojan Band, cheerleaders, and mascot parade into the stadium before the game. The biggest highlight of the day for me as getting to watch the Skull Session, which is the band’s final practice before the game, which is basically a huge band concert held in the old basketball arena. It was a blast!
Although we cheered for the Buckeyes, it was a sad loss in the end, but a great day overall! Better luck next week! Pictures to come from gameday!

2 thoughts on “Go Bucks!

  1. You know I loved this update!! While OSU and USC are quite possibly two of my least favorite teams, you can't deny the fun atmosphere of a great game day! Sounds like a blast. I saw the end of the gameday broadcast with Herbstreit's kids. Soo adorable! Can't wait for pictures!

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