Out of the woods…

Well, it’s been a month and a half since my last post. I promise I have not been lost in the wilderness of Southeast Ohio all that time! Just lost in a tangle of graduate school work, travels back and forth between Columbus and Dayton, back to MS for a quick weekend for Hunter’s graduation, and then wrapping up the quarter.

Tonight I was blessed to be a part of my long time friend Carmen’s rehearsal and rehearsal dinner for her wedding tomorrow. Emily and I were set to be program attendants, but today Carmen called me because her proxy because her proxy had a family emergency, so I was the stand-in for the stand-in 🙂 It was fun to be there though, and I was so thankful to get to spend some extra time with my sweet high school friends (and Carmen’s bridesmaids too). Carmen and I were girl scouts together for over ten years and have many great memories, so I am so happy to be part of her special day! I love seeing my wonderful friends start this new part of their lives…and it’s a great excuse to see good friends!

I can’t wait to hear the Golden Eagles tomorrow against Florida at the Super Regional. I wish I was going to Gainesville! Southern Miss to the Top!!!


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