Happy Easter!

I hope you all had a happy and blessed Easter! We had a nice Easter here in Ohio, but there was a definite difference between Ohio Easter and Mississippi Easter. First of all, there were no Easter Lily’s at church! There was a crowd and somehow Pat and I ended up behind a really delightful family that had obviously been forced to attend Easter services with family. Besides making snide comments to her husband about how children’s moments manipulates and poisons children (who doesn’t love children’s moments!!??), the woman also wore her sunglasses in church!! She only took them off to take her ~9 year old child outside to the van 10 minutes into the service so that he wouldn’t have to sit through church. Ridiculous.

We were also excited to welcome our friend Brian to Columbus. He stayed here for a few days before hitchhiking…yes…hitchiking to New York City. Thankfully he completed that trip safely.

I’m now three weeks into Spring Quarter of graduate school. Crazy. Even crazier is that all my other friends will be finishing school in mere weeks, while we here at The Ohio State University will be continuing into JUNE!! But still, only 7 more weeks until first year is over…yay!!


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