On my desk…

In her procrastination, Samantha tagged me, and since now I’m procrastinating, here are my answers.

What are 5 things you have on your desk? Why are they there? Share, then tag others.

1. Flowers! I have a big, beautiful vase of happy daisies on my desk that Pat sent me for my birthday…he’s good, isn’t he? I also have have little vase of tulips that Zoe bought to try and hurry spring up!

2. A jar of change that I half-jokingly call my travel fund.

3. A cd of fun songs that one of my office mates burned for me to help get through the rest of the quarter/rest of grad school!

4. A box with a picture of my wonderful high school friends on the front that I keep stationary in. I love writing and receiving letters, and I wish I took the time to send them to my friends and family that I miss more often.

5. Imperial Nature…A book for my Globalization & Environment class about the World Bank. BORING!

Plus lots of other clutter!

I tag Emily, Pat, and Jessica!


One thought on “On my desk…

  1. Aww fun! I am glad you participated. My sister claims I was looney that night. I’d been staring at my GRE practice book for the last 8 hours. Which I am very glad is over with. Thanks for the well-wishes!I hope your quarter is going smoothly. How long is your program?

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