Mid-Quarter Slump

So, it’s obvious by my lack of blog posting lately that school has really cranked up again. We’re on the quarter system here at Ohio State, which means we have 3 regular quarters + a summer term, 10 weeks each. If you do that math, that means that we’re already at week 6!?!?!!!! I’m still not quite used to how quickly the time goes by (and there doesn’t seem to be any less work to make up for the short term).

Unfortunately, I’ve now fallen into my mid-quarter slump…you know, that time when you question why in the world you ever decided to forgo normal life for this sick joke they call graduate school. I feel sorry for my fellow office mates and roommate because they have to hear that extra bit of sarcasm I throw in every comment about winter or our program and every time I groan and ask “why, oh, why am I in OHIO??” Of course, Ohio does have at least one redeeming quality, and he lives in Dayton, but that’s for another post.

Anyway, all that to say…I need to blog more, and those of you in Mississippi, or anywhere in the South for that matter, love it, appreciate it, or swap for a little while with me! I miss you, friends!

PS-I make a grand return for one week in March. Get excited. I know I am.


One thought on “Mid-Quarter Slump

  1. I can see why you’d miss Mississippi… it was only 70 something today. When this time last week, it was like 30. Our bi-polar weather is definitely something to miss! đŸ™‚

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